All vectors posted here belong to the original authors and we are NOT the authors of these vectors. We just collect these vectors from VARIOUS sources such as websites, blogs, our living friends, etc. So we’re just sharing these high quality vectors for you to download for FREE.

Some vectors are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, or they are just free for personal and non commercial use / free for public non-commercial use. Meanwhile, there are also some vectors that’s just FREE to use, even for commercial purposes. But for safety reason, in cases where there are no visible copyright/license notices, you need to assume that the file is copyrighted. So if you’re going to use these vectors for commercial purpose, we suggest you to contact the author first for a license agreement.

1. Why some vectors listed here don’t have author and/or license notice?
Well, like we’ve said above, we collect these vectors from various sources. Some sources didn’t mention the author or the license agreement (assuming we get the vectors not from the author’s website directly). We’ll be glad if you could help us to complete all vectors with the original authors and license notice by send an email to us or comment at the post itself.

2. That’s my vector! How dare you to put it here without my permission!! Remove it now!
We’re very sorry about this. Please send us an email regarding the problematic vectors and we’ll remove it immediately.

3. Hey, I found my vector here. Good, you mention my name as the author but please don’t distribute it here. Linkback to my website, please!
As you wish :) . Send us an email about the problematic vectors.

4. I found my vectors here, but you didn’t mention me as the author!
Whoops! We’re sorry about that. We will put it right away. Send us an email about the problematic vectors.

5. Can I submit my vectors here?
Of course! That’s why we make this website! Send us an email regarding the topic! :)

6. What type or format of vectors that you need if we want to submit my vector?
We’re only looking for high quality vectors. The format should be: AI, EPS, CDR, SVG, or PSD.

7. Do I get paid for submit these vectors?
Uh, no, at least for now.

8. How long you will upload my vectors?
Usually less than 48 hours. :)

9. Can I use vectors listed here for my bussiness…?
That’s a BIG NO. If you insist, please ask permission from the original author first, not from us, alright?

10. How to use these vectors? I download it from here.
Use software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, etc. Google for it. :)

11. Hey I want buy these vectors so I can use it for commercial purpose!
Don’t buy it from us. Contact the original author, please.

12. Can I request some vectors?
Yes, if the request only to FIND the vectors that you want, not to MAKE IT. We’ll try to find it ASAP, but don’t expect too much since we’re doing it for free ;)

13. Any other questions…?